We have an Alibi!

Why a crime&noir literary festival in an idyllic place, such as Gora pod lipo?

Because crime happens even in the most immaculate places, where you’d never expect it. Because each of the five top creatives can certainly be inspired by such place to create a masterpiece. Because here wine flows instead of blood (top wine, of course, I guess I don’t have to emphasize it), labeled especialy for the first International festival of crime and Noir literature in Slovenia.


And who are the special guests of the first Alibi?
Paul D. Brazill was born in England, and he’s living and working in Poland. He’s called Bukowski of Noir and he runs Blackwitch Press. Some of his works: 13 Shots Of Noir, The Gumshoe, A Case Of Noir, Guns Of Brixton, The Neon Moon, The Neon Boneyard, Exiles…
Richard Godwin is a prolific and talented crime fiction writer. His work include Apostle Rising, Mr. Glamour, One Lost Summer, Noir City, Meaningful Conversations, Confessions Of A Hit Man, and Paranoia And The Destiny Programme. His novels are being translated into many languages, and Apostle Rising is about to be published in Slovene by Artizan.
Andrej Predin is Slovenian writer and journalist. His debut novel In The Black was nominated for Večernica in 2008. He wrote two more novels, Teachers and Future Ltd), as well as a couple of books for kids.
Neven Škrgatić is Croatian writer who writes in English (as N.N. Jackson). He writes short stories and has recently published a short novel, Nasty Cop.
Eddie Vega is a multitalented creative from New York, he’s a writer, editor, literary translator and photographer. He’s published Awake Now, Saylor (a novel) and A Marine At The Door (a novella). He runs VegaWire Media, a publisher of Noir Nation, an international crime and noir fiction anthology series.

Festival supporters
Gora pod lipo is “the crime scene”, their team will pamper our writers with a one of a kind culinary experience during their creative work (and if you haven’t tried their specialties, tradition mixed with youth, you haven’t tried anything). The last day of the festival, on Sunday, September 27th, the final literary evening is going to take place there, as well.
Artizan, the ad agency and publishing house from Slovenska Bistrica, created the festival’s concept, invited the participating writers and is taking care for all the communication.
Hotel Jakec (Trije Kralji – Three Kings) will help our five kings refill their batteries on the most beautiful side of Pohorje and maintain positive creative energy in the making of five literary works for something we hope to become an every year event.
Tednik Panorama, the most important printed medium in the region, is the media sponsor of the festival, which provides publicity.

With the festival we are trying to show (and prove) that it is possible to bring internationally recognised creatives to a small place, that many companies can join together for the same cause, and that we can try to take care of the most malnourished field – culture, and that we can give back to the community we are working in. If you don’t believe us, we have the Alibi. What about you? Will you have the Alibi last weekend in September?

We are going to put all the information on www.alibi-fest.com, and you can follow Alibi on Facebook (AlibiFest).

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