A Conversation with Craig Caudill

Craig Caudill is our latest literary guest – he’s a writer (you can find his stories The Cowboy Of Bukavac, House Of Teeth, I Found Godot and a novella Sleep Walker on Amazon) and a musician (check his craigcaudill.net). We are glad to have a chance to ask him a couple of questions …

Craig Caudill

Craig Caudill

Hi, Craig – tell us, please, who Craig Caudill is.

Wow who am I? I’ve been trying to to answer that one for years now. I know I’m more complicated than I wanted to be, but not as easy to figure out if someone tried hard enough. Without claiming myself as a specialist. Because I shun perfectionism. I relish in the mistake because I learn from them. I’m down to earth enough to adapt to realistic and horrific situations. Try not to let my head swell as if I achieved something I didn’t actually achieve. Believe it or not prepared the worst news possible.

You write fiction, make music and shoot videos for your music pieces – where do you feel most fulfilled?
I like music the most. I feel like a kid again. As if the world has more wonder. It works on a language on its own and everyone responds to music. I actually met someone who did not like music, and I was convinced they had no soul. I come from a musical family that play various instruments almost effortlessly but not professional. Me I don’t know notes or scales despite 3 month guitar lessons. But I make music with my feelings. And of course lots of sequencers.

Have you written (or thought of writing) for film or TV?
Yes. (LOL) I wrote and script for an adult film film. For starters then eventually it evolved into more of midnight movie instead. More a tribute to Russ Meyer and John Waters. After that I wrote 5 horror films. I had no takers but some positive feedback from a british writer of independant film. Of course I forgot his name but he was very nice.

What is your writing method and how would you define your style?
I wait for the story to come to me. And it stays with me. I flesh it out slowly then I play a lot of immersive music with headphones. I listen and write for hours undisturbed if I can help it. For editing I listen to dub step, hardcore metal, or classic techno. Because editing my work is awful.

Where do you look for inspiration? In other creatives’ work, real life, …?
Yes, all of the above. When I wrote my second screen play, Electric Dog Remover, I watched the film Blade Runner every day from late spring to early Fall, on some occasions I watched twice.
From real life even if you think your life is dull and boring if you think hard enough you can at least recall moments of your life that were hard to believe. For example. A car drove down hill into my office space of my apartment and was parking where my desk was making the window much bigger. And the man’s name was literally James Brown.
Or being detained by Immigration officials for possible terrorist activity.

Tell us about Telegraf (a literary magazine you edited) – is it a single project or will we see more from Frank Fathom?
I have not thought of Frank Fathom in a long time. I wanted to make a Blog from the perspective of a Aquaman. It got 40,000 hits and shut down by word press. Because of DC comics
Now Telegraf was a one time literary Magazine. I would have loved to have done it again but I had so many projects that had much more pressing needs

What about social media? How important is it in promoting your writing and music projects?
Social Media as PR for creative projects is a great idea. In some cases I broke even on the cost of something down the road. So for self promotion its great. But I’m sure an agent or PR firm connected cannot be beat.

What projects are you working on at the moment?
I am finishing a full length. And working on music. I will also be working on a serial novelette soon the first one is out now.

What makes you write?
It is a pressing need, almost like a burning aching gnaw. This comes from not ego but the reason of desperation.

Who are your literary heroes?
Philip K Dick, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Jack Keroauc, Fernando Pessoa, William S Burroughs, ee cummings, Edgar Allen Poe, Kurt Vonnegut, Arthur C Clarke, Cormac McCarthy, Simon R Green, Stephen King, Robert R McCammon.

What advice would you give to a young writer who’s just starting out?
If your serious Never stop. Don’t do it because there is pot a gold at the end of the rainbow. Because the story, the rainbow and the gold are all caused by the one thing that made it all happen. And that is the story.

Thank you, Craig!

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