Joseph Grant

Joseph Grant - Fractured

Joseph Grant – Fractured

A product of a broken home, there was something within her fractured mind that attracted her to him. It wasn’t as much an attraction as it was a proclivity towards bad boys as they weren’t even men in the real sense of the word but in another word, they were losers to be forever loosely connected to each other through her. In her fractured heart nurtured a like that turned to a red-faced lust when he looked at her or spoke to her which grew into an obsession; an obsession that grew into an addiction; he would be able to pick all of the pieces up, she thought. When he dumped her for her best friend, there was something within her that fractured as she saw her reflection in the broken mirror of reality for the very first time and saw that we are all tentatively held together by bits of skin-deep promises that beget lies and a sticky emotional glue of I love you. It wasn’t like she should have been surprised by his actions. Everyone had told her that he was an asshole.

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