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I started writing seriously in summer 2011. My head was full of stories that needed to get out, and the summer vacation at the seaside seemed the right time and place to make a decision: I’m publishing a book before turning 40!

Five stories were written till the end of the year, and four were still cooking in my head.

In January 2012 I stumbled upon a “Christmas” story by Paul D. Brazill I liked so much, I needed to share it with my friends via social networks. Paul noticed it and thanked me for that. The first writer I connected with on Twitter and Facebook. I got really excited about his work and started browsing for more, and somehow I realized that we both belong to the same genre. I suddenly found my own place.

I suggested to Paul we could do a bilingual interview, and he liked the idea. We both shared it over the net and some encouriging comments arrived. I got two writers’ emails (Joe Grant and Richard Godwin) who sent me their excellent stories, and I asked them for an interview as well … After that I made contacts with manny writers.

In the summer 2012, just a week before my 40th birthday, I managed to publish my book – an eBook, published by Genija. I was very excited about it, but I set myself another goal: I’m going to translate Don’t Try This At Home into English and try to reach English and American readers (and, of course, the others who read in English). I am no Nabokov or Rawi Hage, but the idea to use English like both excellent writers – and to them it could not be further from their native language –, as a bridge to wider (global) readership, seemed brilliant.

This summer I managed to translate (rewrite in English) three of the stories: The Tie is ready to be published as a bilingual eBook with my Artizan, You’re Not Sitting On Two Chairs! Waits to get ripped with good intentions by members of LitReactor, and High Midnight has just been published in Noir Nation 3, the international journal of crime fiction from Brooklyn, along with some of the important contemporary writers. I am exposed to readers, who read in English!

My thanks go to Paul D. Brazill, Joseph Grant, Wayne C. Long, Joe Clifford, Kevin Lynn Helmick and Eddie Vega, who read some (or all of) them and sent me their suggestions or even edits within the text. Some of them I used, some not, but with their help I grew a bit as a creative, and gained some more self confidence and motivation for my writing.

I’m working on some wonderful projects with Richard Godwin, Paul D. Brazill, Joseph Grant and Janja Rakuš – but more about it in the near future.

Noir Nation 3

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