Tommy Boy

This is a flash fiction piece written by Laurance Kitts, who was our fourth guest, with whom I had a pleasure to talk on this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy his work as much as I did. 🙂

Tommy Boy
Laurance Kitts

The floor was covered in cowering bodies and crying echoed off the walls.

“Fuck,” Tommy said glancing out the blinds, “They have us surrounded!”
“Stick to the plan, we’ll be fine,” I said, “Gather the cash.”

The red and blue lights flickered through every window. There was no way we would make it out of here free or alive. All I was saying was sheer optimism to keep Tommy in line. Tommy was just a street thug, always one step away from being a complete lunatic.

Bang! Bang!
“Tommy, what the fuck was that?” I said.
“That bastard tried to attack me!” Tommy said, bringing in the cash.

“The cops had to have heard the gun shots you idiot, you better fucking pray Charles and Danny come busting in with the van before they do.” I said.

On cue like a bad Hollywood movie the phone began to ring, and like every bad reality cop show, the idiot answered the phone…

“Hello?” Tommy spoke into it, “Yeah. One got out of line, and I put him down. If you bastards come in here I’ll take every last one of them down with me!”

Tommy slammed the phone on the receiver.
“You should have told them nothing before making negotiations,” I screamed at him, “They’ll be gathering a team to bust in any minute now imbecile.”

The phone began ringing again. Tommy went for it, forcing my hand. I punched him in the lip gashing it open on his teeth, and then I answered the phone as his empty threats filled the background.
The announcement from the other end wasn’t the Police. I hung up the phone, and broadcasted what must have been a look of absolute defeat.

“Who was that?” Tommy asked.
“Danny and Charles aren’t going to make it, and you have ruined negotiations.”

“AHHHHH,” Tommy screamed, pacing around before turning his attention to another person in the room.

“You, get up now!” He demanded of a young girl.
“What the hell are you doing Tommy?!!” I questioned.

“I’m not going to prison without one last fuck!” He shouted, then put his gun to the girl’s temple and forced her to spread her legs on a desk. She was crying and screaming as Tommy began driving his phallus inside her. It was in that moment I completely snapped, cracking Tommy over the head with my pistol.

“I’m sorry,” I told the girl, “Fill your pockets with cash and go.” She nodded in understanding. Turning to stirring Tommy, I bent him over the desk and forced myself in. His screams louder than the girls, I clasped my hand over his mouth.

“How do you like?!!” I screamed into his ear.
He bit my hand as I pulled the trigger while painting his insides.

Crash! Crash!
Caught red handed with two duffle bags of cash and my dick in dead Tommy’s ass.

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