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He wipes the sweaty forehead, leans on the shovel – the light is right and the angle is right – and looks in the distance with his blue eyes. Hang on. You’ll sleep later.

Oh, no – there’s an endless pile of stockings he has to pack. He’s not finished yet and he hears the garbage truck’s horn. Where are you, Borut?! Hold on for just eight hours, then we’ll let you out at the market – the pumpkins are beginning to rot, you know … Take the gloves, the calluses have started to develop.

No, no, it’s the times, when you need to work without gloves … Borut, Super Borut, you can do it. You were alone at the top, now you’re with us, and we’re with you … Together! Together we can reach the unimaginable. Even those, who kicked you down from the lonely top, support you now. The privilege, Borut … Together! In good and bad!

He sings My Way (not Our Way?), deserves an applause, congrats and – what’s most important – the highest number of votes.

Together … Like fuck!

* * *

The red, black, white … We are possessed with the color theory in my country. Grey is the trendiest at the moment. Together against the grey economy. Fight the grey economy. Another pile of truisms, which smear the white pages of newspapers and websites, while our future is black.

And don’t get me started about the “verses” – Turn on your mind, demand the bill!

When the government gets creative, only the utter shit comes out. Are we angry? We are. Can we get any angrier? We can! Where are we going to invest our anger?

What made me angry – no, pissed off – recently, was the case of a restaurant owner from Ljubljana, Enes Musić, who exhibited an invitation at the front of his restaurant to all the people, who cannot afford a decent meal, to get in. What a nice gesture. So much food is wasted every day, while someone could use it to survive the next couple of hours.

The compassionate restaurant owner has, as his employee says, gotten some of the ingredients for free, he invested his time and know-how, to prepare a delicious, strengthening and beautiful meal. Someone is going to enjoy it gratefully. But herein lies the problem.

The restaurant owner has to – according to our stupid law – charge for the ingredients, his time and know-how, and pay the tax to the state. To the state, which had actually created the environment, where people cannot afford food. The only reason any company exists is to solve problems (even the company of the mentioned restaurant owner). The state creates a problem – hunger in this case. The restaurant owner is trying to solve this problem, and the state is now causing a new problem.

Wait a minute, no – the restaurant owner can throw the food away, and there’s no problem at all! In other words – throw the food away and let the people dig through the garbage if they want. How low can we go? I wouldn’t do that to my dog!

We know, who has no exit at all – not the bastards, who stole what could get stolen. Not the bankers, who contributed to this shit and are now laughing at us, idiots. Not the politicians who don’t have a fucking clue about what you’re doing, you handle the form, not the content, you deal with yourselves only.

When did the state get so far away from me? When did you turn your back at your people? We let you create an uninspiring, depressing living environment with no perspective, no future, abandoned by the ones who could make a difference, if only you, the incompetent leaders, had the brain to wait with the short-term austerity measures and let the economy recover, instead of sinking it by trying hectically to satisfy European big shots, who had lost it long time ago. We are paying you, so start doing your fucking job!

We allowed you to let the people starve! Are we going to allow you punish those who help those who starve? Fuck no! Did it occur to you to let the hungry into the parliament canteen and give them the meals you, the “representatives of the people” get almost free? You didn’t, did you?

The human is a social being. There’s nothing more natural than man helping man. People get together when the disaster happens, and they save each other’s lives and property. When someone’s house burns down, people stand together and help him. When some nation attacks our country, we defend it together. That’s the way it goes for centuries, and you’re not going to change it – you remember this!

When you’re preparing new laws, think about how to enable people help another people at least in the only natural way of helping each other, the exchange of goods and services, which doesn’t include any money – people don’t have any!

Let me finish with (at least to my farmers logic) similar case from not that distant past: comrade Borut had spent 281 hours of volunteer work, 93 hours driving to work and 54 working in brigade, when he was running for president – “TOGETHER we can reach the unimaginable”. Did he issue an invoice for his work? Did he pay the state what belonged to the state? Was he reported for undeclared work to the Work Inspectorate? Is he going to be now? Your comment, Stojan Glavač?

“Words are my weapon – I will strike again!”

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